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Probably, for you, a celebrity is just a money-making machine that has established itself through power, money, and beauty skills. But that’s not all. The entertainment industry is like a sea where fish of every size exists.

Gladly this entertainment industry is not just confined to the movie or drama industry, as it was before. Social media is now extremely huge, including more than one platform such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. Among all of these platforms, TikTok is the most hyped-up platform, gathering millions of followers and has become a unique source through which people can show their extraordinary abilities. One of the families that have gained the attention of so many people is the Furrha family.

The Furrha family

The Furrha is a family, residents of Irvine, California, who became a TikTok star after one of their videos at TikTok went viral. The family consists of 10 family members, including Salem Furrha, his wife, and 8 children are Arabic in origin. When their first video went viral.

They decided to create some more stuff. Since then, they have been posting videos on TikTok and have earned almost 4 million followers TikTok. Later, watching their success becoming huge within days, they created their youtube channel, which gains 500k subscribers just within four months.


Salem Furrha, a Palestinian is a 55-year-old guy who was born in Kuwait. After they migrated to the US, his first residence was Michigan; after that, they moved to California. His wife is a native of Lebanon named Samah, and their eight kids, including 5 sons and 3 daughters. Everybody is boresome due to undergoing pandemics, and people are always seeking to spare their free time somehow. Furrha family was going through the same situation. So they decided to create an account at TikTok, where they decided to post some interesting videos.

Reason for their immense success

During an interview, Salem Furrha said:

“We got into social media because of covid. We started doing family skits that were fun. We got joy out of seeing people laugh. It was a really good feeling, and we decided to continue it’.

Any social media platform arrives with some quirks, i.e., not everyone can get the fame they are looking for. Plus, sometimes following the same borderline also make people lose interest in anything. But Furrha family decided not to use the TikTok already existing trends. Rather than, they decided to create their constructive way of presenting something. The thing they focused on was the everyday life of Arab Americans residing in us. The content they chose was unique and attracted millions of people.

A conflict among the Arabs and Muslims has been known for decades, and this super malicious content is all over social media, either it is news channels or any other social media platform. The particular hate debates add fuel to the fire; at that point, the Furrah family is spreading the message of positivity and some influence, thus inspiring both the Arabs and Muslims.

The strategy family used to build millions of followers.

Being among the Arab American leading personalities, the Furrha family shared the secret of their success. the strategy includes building a huge number of followers and then maintaining the number. Unlike the fake and just fun-based content, they came out with a mixture of both humor and honest thoughts, the true feelings that people can hardly avoid while falling for.

Due to their constructive behavior, both the national and international organizations are picking them up as an influencer for revealing the positive image of Arabs all around the world. Arab Americans, the biggest Arab representing organizations, have chosen the Furrha family as their icon and worldwide ambassador under a long-term contract.

The immense popularity of this family is not just confined to TikTok and youtube, but they are also taking over Facebook massively. Salem Furrah revealed the secret of their huge success while stating that.

“We like to portray our everyday life in a comedic way. He furthers added, “There is a lot of stereotypical stuff about Arabs that is not true… we want to show who we are.”

Impact of Furrha family on social media and vise-versa

Haters are everywhere, and in fact, sarcasm is something that proves you that you are doing something unique. Where there are fans, there are also people who can criticize you, no matter if there is a solid reason or not. Not each one, but some personal attacks can be based on racism, a disease that is eating our society alive. Their response to all of that malicious hate was priceless.

“We concentrate on positive comments. We ignore negative comments. We don’t pay attention to them. We try to respond to the comments on the chat and interact and engage with our followers.” Salem Furrah explained his point of view when he was asked about the negativity they get.

Self-respect belongs to everyone equally, and any harm to it can trigger people, especially when it’s not your fault. But the Furrah family has shredded the shoulders and has proved that they are spreading the peace no matter how much it takes to control themselves over hate.

So simply, whenever it comes to the positive social media influencers, the Furrah family will proudly have their name among those. They have proved that success is possible, and it just needs a little effort. No hate or sarcasm can stop you from spreading the message of positivity. They have come up with a unique and positive image of Arabs that has changed the perspective of the world regarding Arabs.

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Take Your SaaS Company to the Next Level With These Tips



Take Your SaaS Company to the Next Level With These Tips

Are you a SaaS business owner looking to take your business to the next level? It can be a challenge to know where to start, but these tips can help you get there. From understanding the customer journey to developing an effective content strategy, there are a few key steps you can take to take your SaaS company to the next level. Keep reading to find out what they are.

Use professional print services.

Printing is one of the most important components of running a successful SaaS company. It’s easy to neglect physical promotional products in the digital age, but they can be invaluable for marketing and promotion. By using print materials such as brochures, flyers, banners, posters, business cards, and letterhead you can effectively communicate with customers and create brand recognition. Print materials are also great for networking events or conferences where it’s not always possible to access the Internet or present an online presentation. You can hand out printed material that contains your logo and contact information which will help people remember who you are after they have left the event. Additionally, print materials offer an extra touch of professionalism when dealing with potential customers or partners; having a physical product that represents your company says a lot about how much effort you put into it and gives them something tangible to refer back to when needed.

Outsource your software development solutions.


Near shore agile software development is an approach to software development that embraces the principles of agile methodologies while taking advantage of remote teams. The goal of nearshore agile development is to create a team that works together in synchrony, regardless of physical distance, and enables faster feature delivery with better quality. This approach can be used by SaaS companies looking to increase efficiency and reduce costs associated with long-distance collaboration. The benefits offered by nearshore agile are vast, but perhaps most notable is its ability to enable quick turnaround time for product iterations or bug fixes. By leveraging a distributed team’s strengths—such as diverse skill sets from different locations—the project manager can easily adjust roles and responsibilities as needed without having to wait for face-to-face meetings or travel expenses for team members located far away from each other. Additionally, there’s no need for expensive international phone calls when managing a distributed team since communication tools like Slack provide the same level of connectivity without added expense.

Focus on automation tools.

By automating routine tasks like customer onboarding, order processing, billing, and invoicing, you can free up resources that might otherwise be wasted doing mundane work. This allows your team to focus their time and energy on more complex projects or initiatives that will move your business forward. Additionally, automation tools also help ensure data accuracy throughout all aspects of your operations while reducing errors due to human error or oversight. Investing in a good automation tool can increase efficiency and productivity by streamlining tasks from start to finish so that they can be completed quickly with minimal effort required from staff members. Furthermore, using automated tools reduces costs associated with manual labor since employees do not have to spend hours manually entering data or performing other repetitive tasks which require a significant number of hours over time.

Invest in customer support services.


Investing in customer support services is one of the most important steps a SaaS company can take to reach the next level. With an efficient customer service team, your customers will be able to get timely solutions for their queries and problems, leading to improved user satisfaction and better retention rates. Moreover, providing prompt responses on any issue or query not only helps build trust but also allows you to address potential issues before they become bigger problems. Furthermore, customer support services help you gain valuable feedback from your customers regarding which features they would like to see added or changed in order to enhance their experience with your product or service. By investing in customer support services, you demonstrate that your company values its users by offering them a platform where they can voice their opinions and concerns without hesitation. In addition, this investment provides an opportunity for customers who have had positive experiences with your product or service to share those experiences with other users through social media outlets such as Twitter and Facebook, thus helping attract more leads for further business growth.

Overall, the tips provided in this article can be a great starting point for any SaaS company looking to take its business to the next level. From leveraging the right technology to streamlining processes and understanding the customer experience, these tips can help companies gain a competitive edge while improving their bottom line.

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Alyona Shevtsova: The Grown by Freedom documentary is all about the strength of the spirit of Ukrainians who were not afraid of the Russian aggressor 




Alyona Shevtsova: The Grown by Freedom documentary is all about the strength of the spirit of Ukrainians who were not afraid of the Russian aggressor 

In the nearest future, the Grown by Freedom documentary about the full-scale war in Ukraine will be shown on several world streaming platforms. At the same time, the short version of the movie was already shown at the Berlin Economic Forum. 

The author of the idea of Grown by Freedom, the famous Ukrainian businesswoman Alyona Shevtsova, told reporters that her movie offers a very deep and thorough analysis of the experiences of Ukrainians during the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine caused by the full-scale invasion of Russia at the end of February 2022. 

The Grown by Freedom movie is based on documentary footage made at the beginning of a full-scale invasion, thus offering video evidence of bombing, destroyed Ukrainian cities, and horrifying stories of eyewitnesses.

Throughout the movie, the audience will see how Ukrainians and the business community joined forces in the face of the threat, and witness the courage and fierce determination of the Ukrainian people to defend their homeland.

“This movie will become chronological evidence that our children and grandchildren will use to truly understand what we had to experience and feel. Only such a movie allows us to preserve it and pass it on through generations. At the same time, we also wanted to convey this idea to people in many countries, the whole world, and all continents. So, it turns out that our key task is to sign a contract with Netflix to premiere our documentary on this streaming platform,” says Alyona Shevtsova.

The documentary was developed and released with the support of the IBOX BANK and the LEO International Payment System from Ukraine.

It is worth noting that IBOX BANK, its shareholders, management, and employees have done a lot to help Ukrainians, both in the first days of the war, as well as in its later stages.

The main heroes of the movie are employees of the mentioned and other organizations. They wanted to share their feelings and experiences with the audience. In addition, one of the main heroes of the movie is the mother of the famous defender of Azovstal, Dmitry Kozatsky (aka “Orest”), Irina, who had been in Russian captivity for a long time and was released as a result of an exchange of prisoners of war.

As Alena Shevtsova notices, the movie demonstrates the struggle and willingness of Ukrainians to defend the right to freedom, their ability to show care and support to each other and be empathic even in the atmosphere of war crimes and everything that happens around them.

The Grown by Freedom documentary will become another historical evidence of Russia’s crime against Ukraine.

A young and aspiring Snezhana Gusarevich from Ukraine became the director of the movie, while Aleksey Yasakov became its executive producer.

More information about the movie can be found on the official website at 

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Uncovering the Real Lorraine Braccio: Her Journey to Stardom




Lorraine Braccio

Lorraine Braccio

Lorraine Braccio, a rising star in the entertainment industry, has captured the hearts of many with her talent and charisma. But who is Lorraine Braccio, and what is her journey to stardom? In this article, we will uncover the real Lorraine Braccio and her rise to fame.

Early Life and Education

Lorraine Braccio was born and raised in a small town in New Jersey. She grew up in a close-knit family that always supported her passion for the arts. Lorraine’s love for performing started at a young age, and she began taking dance lessons when she was just four years old.

As Lorraine got older, her love for performing only grew stronger. She started participating in local theater productions and talent shows, honing her skills and perfecting her craft. Lorraine’s talent did not go unnoticed, and she was soon accepted into a prestigious performing arts school in New York City.

Career Beginnings

After graduating from performing arts school, Lorraine Braccio began her career in the entertainment industry. She started out as a backup dancer for several popular artists, including Madonna and Jennifer Lopez. Lorraine’s impressive dance skills and work ethic soon caught the attention of industry executives, and she was offered her first leading role in a Broadway musical.

Lorraine’s performance in the Broadway musical was a huge success, and it opened many doors for her in the industry. She was soon offered several acting roles in television shows and movies, and she quickly became a household name.

Rise to Stardom

Lorraine Braccio’s rise to stardom was not without its challenges. As a woman in the entertainment industry, she faced many obstacles and barriers. But Lorraine never gave up, and she continued to work hard and push herself to be the best.

Lorraine’s breakthrough role came when she was cast as the lead in a hit television series. Her performance was praised by critics and audiences alike, and she quickly became one of the most sought-after actresses in the industry.

Lorraine’s success continued to grow, and she was soon offered roles in blockbuster movies and international tours. Her talent and hard work had paid off, and she had become a true superstar.

The Real Lorraine Braccio

Despite her fame and success, Lorraine Braccio remains down-to-earth and humble. She credits her family, friends, and mentors for her success and never forgets her roots.

Lorraine is also a passionate advocate for the arts and is dedicated to using her platform to promote the importance of the arts in education. She regularly participates in charity events and supports organizations that provide access to the arts for underserved communities.

In addition to her work in the entertainment industry, Lorraine Braccio is also a philanthropist and an entrepreneur. She has used her success to give back to her community and to create opportunities for others.

Lorraine is the founder of a successful production company that focuses on creating diverse and inclusive content. She believes that everyone deserves to see themselves represented on screen and works tirelessly to create stories that reflect the diversity of the world we live in.

Despite her busy schedule, Lorraine always makes time for her fans. She is known for her generosity and kindness, often taking the time to meet with fans and sign autographs. She is grateful for the support of her fans and never forgets that they are the reason for her success.

Looking to the future, Lorraine Braccio shows no signs of slowing down. She continues to work on new projects and to use her platform to make a positive impact on the world. With her talent, dedication, and passion, there is no doubt that Lorraine Braccio will continue to shine as a star in the entertainment industry for many years to come.


Lorraine Braccio’s journey to stardom is a testament to the power of hard work, talent, and perseverance. From a small town in New Jersey to the bright lights of Broadway and Hollywood, Lorraine has overcome many obstacles to become a true superstar. But beyond her talent and success, Lorraine is also a kind, humble, and passionate advocate for the arts. She is an inspiration to us all and a shining example of what can be achieved with dedication and hard work.

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